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Home Sunshine

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Home Sunshine is a children's novel written by Catherine Douglas Bell, published by Collins in 1907.  This later edition has pictorial covers and illustrations by Harold C. Earnshaw.


It tells of the Gordon family - the children Blanche, Agnes, Lionel, Malcolm, Mary, Willie, Colin and Cecil, and their parents - fallen on hard times.  They have to sell their large, comfortable house and most of their possessions.  They move to a small house, Sunny Brae, and adjust slowly to a different and more modest life, learning many lessons along the way.



In April 2021, I saw an open call for a collage project based upon a book. A few months previously, I had been given "Home Sunshine" to use in collage work. Its subject matter fitted the theme of the call, which was love, healing and transformation.  My aim is to collage all 292 pages of the book. Here are some examples.

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